A happy day


It all came about one June evening, with our good friend google and a teeny tiny map. A small, insignificant idea took on great proportions. Eighteen months later, the house is sold, the plan is set. Now, we wait for the weather.

Two years ago, we chose the island. Vava’u was the clear winner, remote, rugged, small and simple. At this point a yacht was not on the cards, despite harbouring a lifelong dream of sailing, that seemed too good to be true. We set off for a brief recce of our chosen island, kids & grandparents in tow. 36 hours later we arrived jet lagged but joyous. This was the place (see above). So here we are, the happiest ever owners of a fifteen year old, Bavaria 44, ‘Under the Stars’. I think our dream caught the wind and flew off ahead, with us wildly chasing after. So, the plans have evolved but the Pacific island dream hasn’t been lost, it’s where we started and we would so love to make the journey roll into the destination. Having put everything into a sailing boat, and we honestly love that boat, we want to make the most of it. So buying in the UK (not our ideal scenario) has been a happy and unhappy coincidence, its cost us time and the rest but it’s given us a great yacht. So the actual journey begins in September and goes like this, UK, Canaries, Caribbean, Panama, Galapagos, French Marquesas, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Vava’u. The kids and I will not be on the Atlantic crossing, baptism of fire springs to mind. We will be getting some great sailing under our belt in the meantime. We can’t wait, plus we really need the practice.  Ta Da!

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