So this is just a quick update on our progress with Under the Stars. She has been out of the water for around two months now and she’s drying out perfectly. So on May 26th she’s going back in the water and we couldn’t be more excited (and a bit nervous.) We have had a lot of work to do, simply due to the journey we are undertaking. The engine has been serviced, standing rigging replaced, mast checked and the water maker (almost) fitted. There’s still a fair bit to be finished but on the bank holiday weekend we are heading off to her new home for the next three months, Sutton Harbour in Plymouth. Whilst we’re there we will get a hydrovane fitted, autopilot, sonar, and the running rigging done. We hope to get out sailing as much as possible, when we’re not busy with jobs and the weather permits it. We’ve missed some beautiful weekends and it has been a little painful being stuck on the hard in the boatyard but I’ve no doubt it’ll all be worth it. To be honest it’s just been lovely working to make her our home little by little.

Another significant update is that we have a crew for the Atlantic crossing. Sadly, the kids and I will not be on that leg of the journey due to the unpredictable nature of the weather on that trip. Crew Seekers website lived up to its name and we had a great response from lots of willing skippers to accompany Chris throughout November. So we decided on three crew, one of whom we met a few weeks ago and we hope he’ll come out sailing with us a few times before November as the meeting was a huge success, thankfully.  Unfortunately, we haven’t met the other crew but we hope to and if not I guess we just keep the faith. I’m not going to pretend that we are seasoned sailors and so with our maiden voyage looming the nerves are beginning to surface. We had a nice confidence boost a few weeks ago when we took down the main sail, a small thing to anyone who knows yachts but to us it felt huge. Of course, now we need to get it back up and that will be a job and a half but each time we have a small victory it’s enough to make us believe that we can do this. So here’s to May 26th and another small victory…..

4 thoughts on “Progress…”

  1. Lovely to hear from you and very interesting reading. Are you still going to make for Tonga eventually ?. Mike and I will arrange a trip to Gloucester to see you all before you depart. Celia xx


    1. Hi Celia, That’s still the plan though it is taking longer that expected to reach Plymouth Break water let alone the Panama Canal and beyond! Be lovely to see you, just let us know when you’re planning on visiting. xxx


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