We’re in Plymouth!

Just a quick one this time, we moved her last weekend and it was a great success. The schedule was pretty hectic with a few 4.30am starts and after three fun but long days we made the 170 nautical miles to Plymouth. I can’t update you on schedule sadly. On a joyful note, some pictures of the weekend…….enjoy!

3 thoughts on “We’re in Plymouth!”

  1. Are you still in Plymouth ? We haven’t planned Gloucester trip as yet but are aware of the disaster at the Fleece and pleased someone has been arrested. It was bad enough but am relieved that the Marmyon room,etc was untouched.

    With love to you all


    1. Hi Celia,
      Yes the boat’s still in Plymouth. We’re spending every minute we can there at the moment, sailing as much as we can. We’ll be moving on there shortly now the kids are off school. But we’re not leaving Plymouth any time soon. So sorry to hear about the Fleece, it’s such a shame it’s been left so long and now this. I hadn’t realised they had arrested someone. Do let us know if you plan a visit to Gloucester it would be lovely to see you both.
      Much love,
      Chris & Aimee


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