Boat life really begins….

So, we moved on board when the kids finished school in July. We had such a great summer with lots of visitors and plenty of swimming and sailing. The weather is turning now with winds reaching upwards of 30 knots but we’re picking up some great techniques on how to be safe in the gusty squalls. Our plans have had to change, again. Chris is still working hard and most of it is being poured back into the boat, unsurprisingly. We now hope to get to the Med this coming Spring (April time), spend until the end of summer cruising the beautiful islands. The Caribbean may have to wait for now. If we were to head across the Atlantic this coming winter (2018) then we need to have enough time and money to get out before hurricane season hits. To be honest it’s looking less and less likely as Under the Stars needs a fair bit of attention. But, we’re hooked on sailing and we’ll take it in whatever form it comes. We’ve made friends here, which has been great and to be honest the Marina is one of the friendliest places I have ever had the joy of living. I guess it’s the love of the sea or, for some, wine on the deck in the evening that makes it this way. We live in 4 very small rooms, 3 of which are our bedrooms. So really our life revolves around one room, the Saloon & Galley in one. It’s fun, if not, a little stressful at times and, as anyone who has visited knows, very damp! Last Friday she got hauled out, ready for three months of prep before we head to France and make our way to the Med from there. So Exciting! Life has changed, as with any dream, somehow you just don’t seem to mind the bad days as much. It is home and despite, at times, being scared of what the ocean is capable of, I wouldn’t wish it to be any other way. It’s been a dream 9 years in the making but finally, thanks to God, we are living it. All be it in the chilly UK waters but what does that matter, it’s still the ocean after all.


4 thoughts on “Boat life really begins….”

  1. We are so chuffed for you guys you have worked so hard and deserve this great adventure. When we returned from our visit Thomas said he wants a boat so it shows how much we enjoyed our stay and what a great impression you set. See you guys over xmas


    1. It was so lovely to see you both, thanks so much for coming. Im so pleased he had fun! If he enjoyed it in that weather then he’ll love the Med, if you’re able to visit. Thanks again for your help with the sails, it would have been an absolute mission without you both! I hope Thomas has a fab birthday!!!


  2. I’m so glad you’ve managed to live your dream, very few of us ever manage it!!!
    I really hope we manage to catch up with you really soon!!
    Lots of love,
    Paula and co!!! xxx


    1. Thanks lovely! It’ll be so lovely to catch up after Christmas and hear all your news. Have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll get on messenger and sort out a date to catch up! Harry will love having some boy friends again 😆!


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