Just another day in paradise or so you might think…

As I write this, the kids are causing chaos in my bedroom. It’s really the only space to play fight in our little yacht. They are slightly ferrel and should have been fed hours ago but our tiny gas oven strongly objects to hard work and is currently staging a protest. I have haphazardly shoved all the food that I can fit  in it, we are SO hungry, so I should have expected as much. We wait and we wait. It may be midnight before they are in bed and for obvious reasons this matters more to Chris and I, than to the kids. We were ready for sleep by midday. I’m hoping the mosquitos do not strike tonight, you know it’s a problem when the kids wake asking if they have Chicken Pox. Poor little things.

Daddy and his girl

We were meant to arrive in our little, not so pretty, bay this morning but the engine decided it too, had worked hard enough (despite the fact that we were under sail for most of the journey). Chris spent at least an hour sweating over it. As with so much in life, things break at the most inconvenient moment imaginable. We were coming into a very busy port, just as a huge ferry raced up behind us. Under sail and being forced towards the rocks we managed to dodge the worst of its swell, it wasn’t pretty. Still, we made it.

Best crew ever

Minorca is all that we anticipated, exquisitely beautiful yet busy, very very busy. At one point our yacht was involved in a heart stopping game of dominos, boat after boat nudged and bumped the other, as the wind did outrageous things, making us all a little crazy.  The North of the island seems quieter. It has a huge marine reserve (Hurray!) they are all over Spain and despite our not being allowed to anchor in a lot of them, this makes us so happy. There’s certainly more fish than we anticipated and having heard about the Great White in the area, we are not at all surprised. There seems to be so much out there.

We have had some great sailing lately and no eye popping waves, which makes my heart sing. As you all know, I love the waves when surfing, I loathe the waves, when sailing. We spent a wonderful week with friends, 8 of us scrummed into our tiny home. It was lovely and we only ran out of water twice, however, the water maker came to our rescue and our fantastic friends, well, they just seem to suit boat life. Thankfully. We have my parents with us now, so we’re in for another week of fun! It’s lovely. Next week, we will passage plan for Sardinia. A two day sail and another overnighter.


We have changed our plans a little. Having rushed about for two and half months, the trip feeling more like a yacht delivery than a cruise, we are slowing down. Heading to Greece would see us doing endless overnight passages, only to arrive and haul Under the Stars out, within a matter of weeks. That, we feel, would not do Greece justice. So, we have formulated a new plan, thanks to some cruisers we met a few weeks ago. We have found a spot in Ragusa, Sicily.

Whilst the yacht stays in Italy we will gear up for another year of work and then, the BIG Atlantic crossing.  How life will change when we return to land. We do not really live even a day ahead here, the weather dictates our every move, I’m sad for this to change for a year. Still, we’ll adjust and look forward, enjoying time with family, friends and of course, Woody. He has been hugely missed on this journey. Thankfully he’s in good hands. Here’s to the next two months of, who know’s what and all the crazy joy that brings us…

4 thoughts on “Just another day in paradise or so you might think…”

  1. So pleased that you are going to take it easier for a bit and enjoy your surroundings with family and friends. Thomas was only asking yesterday if you’d sent a blog recently so he was chuffed to read today’s and hear how much fun you are having. Chris is starting to look a bit like Tom hanks in castaway with that rugged look. Enjoy the remainder of your trip and can’t wait to hear about your adventures on your return. Rees family out


    1. Thanks, I hope you’re all well! Chris’ beard has been sculpted by Craig so he looks less captain like now, he’d been rocking the wild look for a while! Looking forward to seeing you all when we’re back x


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